Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Some recent paintings

115x160 cm

80x80 cm. Reserved.

60x60 cm. Sold.
I've been asked to show some of my most recent paintings, so here are three of them. I'm sorry for not being that active visiting and commenting your lovely blogs last couple of days, I promise to catch up.


jokemijn said...

beautiful pieces! i like the combination of abstract and realistic. They make a nice series.

Anonymous said...

I love your paintings - beautiful!
Horses seem to me to be one of the most exquisite creatures.

:) Jade of

Britta said...

Det var på tiden att du visade lite mer målningar. Jätteroligt att få se! Jag gillar verkligen dina hästar och miljöer.

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else I too love your paintings!

anita said...

Oh, Mia!! They are gorgeous!!
Thank you for sharing them with us.

MANDY said...

Just beautiful, I adore the second one !!!

shine little light* said...

Oh wow, these are stunning! Love the horses ALOT. *s*

Evelina said...

I love the second one!!! You are so talented! =)

Lena said...


Lysande ögonblick! said...

WOW! They are beautiful. Do you have site where I can look more at your paintings? I am really looking for more art. My home needs it. :-)

Maria Riazzoli said...

åh va fint!!! Du är verkligen jätteduktig!

mermaid gallery said...

nice and loose...lovely! ....

Galit said...

These are so beautiful and... happy!
Love your art so much!

KonfettiForm said...

Utrolig fine bilder! Liker den røffe blyantstreken sammen med maling, Tynne og tykke strøk, litt maling som renner. Akkurat passe tilfeldig. Likte også best nr 2. Den har energi som går oppover med komposisjon og blikket til hesten.

Ha en herlig helg, og håper vi snart sees igjen :)

chelsea said...

wow. beautiful. you are very talented.

AgaP./Patchwork&Co. said...

Beautiful indeed. I love the color combos, especially on the last one. You are a true talent, Mia :-)

Design Elements said...

really beautiful!

Solid Frog said...

Thanks everyone, your compliments and comments makes me very happy :)

IMaiorano said...

oh...wid cold these picture are like a hot teacup or ... lovely, silvana

Unknown said...

These are amazing! I can see why they're reserved, just stunning. You are incredibly talented (not surprising), I can just tell!

KonfettiForm said...

Trivelig at du er tilbake! :)
Takk for fine ord, og det er jo kult når man får en liten "boost" både i form av inspirasjon og besøkstall.
Nå er det bare å nyte uken til det fulle. En god uke til deg også!!

Johanna Högväg said...

Otroligt vackra! En sån kunde jag ha hemma :)

Splendid Willow said...

Oh Mia, you are so talented! One of these days I hope to be a happy owner of one of your beautiful pieces.

Miss you!

ox, Mon

Suite Henry said...

Great use of colour.
I'm loving the forms.

Renée Finberg said...

i am completely in love with your work!!!

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Wow, love your work, the colours are amazing!

Priya Ravindranath said...

Beautiful!!..your work inspires me soo much...

Charlotta Ward said...

Mia these are divine! Love all of them and your talent speaks loud!
Can't wait to hang my painting in Sweden!!
Any news?

xx C

Véréna said...


Maialen said...

This is the fist time I see your pictures and I really like them, congratulations because they are beautiful! Kisses from the basque country!

Sal said...

These are absolutely beautiful! I would love to feature them on my blog with a link to more of your work if that is ok!! Solid Frog is a new favorite and must-read of mine =)

Anonymous said...


Jag älskar dina tavlor och är väldigt intresserad att köpa en. Finns det något sätt att kontakta dig?


Alexandra Spillman

Anonymous said...

I like your work!

liza said...

I still love these. I just pinned the horses. I wanted you to know. Hope you are well!

Wikart said...

I've been looking for the blog like yours for a long time. Thanks for your inspirations. I love horses and I'm inspired by so many things here. I love everything about your blog.

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