Thursday 19 October 2017

Yvonne Kone

Inspiration of the day is the danish fashion designer Yvonne Kone. The simplicity and quality of her work, the store and her home and of course her personal style, it's all just fabulous. Photo: 1-4 via Yvonne Kone, 5-7 Line Thit Klein.

Wednesday 18 October 2017


Going on short holidays is one of the best things in life, except for long holidays ... ;-) Changing perspective and views for a few days is really inspiring. Two weeks ago I went to Italy for the first time in my life (it's a shame I haven't been there earlier). I already looking forward to the next adventure in a new or familiar place. Happy wednesday! Photo: Mia Linnman 

Friday 13 October 2017


Friday, a nice magazine, a scented candle and the best hair brush you can get. Not to forget, harmony and some red wine. Happy weekend! Photo: Mia Linnman

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Friends & Founders

Take a look at this lovely design company, Friends & Founders. Founded in 2013 by the designers Ida Linea and Rasmus Hildebrand. The studio is situated in the north of Copenhagen and 95 % of the collection is manufactured in Scandinavia and the rest 5 % in Europe. I just love all of it! This planting pot is on the top of my wishlist. Photo: Friends & Founders.