Thursday 28 March 2019

Ugly is nice

Is this vase ugly or just lovely? Of course that's up to each individual to decide. I think the weirdness   and the fact that it's a human hand, not a machine, that shaped it makes it beautiful. The non perfect is the most interesting if you ask me. Photo: Mia Linnman

Saturday 16 March 2019


To be inspired is one of my favorite feelings. Those days when you're out of it, it will probably come if you just get started, don't wait for it to happen. Sometimes you get it just by looking at something or meet with someone you like. I bought this magazine only because of the cover. The colors, the layout, the model and the composition is just perfect. I can't say much about the written content since I know about ten Spanish words ... The table above is one of my own designs that I will tell you about later. Happy weekend! Photo: Mia Linnman. 

Friday 15 March 2019

Long time no see

Hi guys! Yes, I guess I have written that headline before. My blog activity has been just as the tulips above, out of glow, inspiration and energy for a long, long time. Suddenly I felt inspiration, that picking up the camera, shooting some pics made me happy. I hope that feeling will stay and that I'll meet you soon again. Photo Mia Linnman