Friday 24 May 2019

Wrapping excellence

The art of wrapping is truly something that Chanel understands. I received this parcel today and it's pure joy to unpack a box like this. Every detail is considered and even if it's an easy trick to make customers feel special they have really succeed! Also since I'm an Art Director and fan of lovely packages generally this one really made me smile. Happy weekend!
Photo: Mia Linnman

Friday 12 April 2019

Colours of an island

Last weekend we went to Gotland the largest island of Sweden. We went to the northern part called Fårö. The colour scale was just beautiful. The pale grays and whites on stones and rocks, the green and yellow lichens and the small treehouses in different browns. Not to forget the blue sky and sea. Nature is a great source of inspiration. Photo: Mia Linnman

Monday 1 April 2019

New week!

As you might know I spend part of the week painting. I love to paint horses but also abstract motifs. You kan find these ones at Urban Living, reopening in Kivik this easter and soon also online. You can find more of my art att  Wish you a great new week! Photo Mia Linnman

Thursday 28 March 2019

Ugly is nice

Is this vase ugly or just lovely? Of course that's up to each individual to decide. I think the weirdness   and the fact that it's a human hand, not a machine, that shaped it makes it beautiful. The non perfect is the most interesting if you ask me. Photo: Mia Linnman

Saturday 16 March 2019


To be inspired is one of my favorite feelings. Those days when you're out of it, it will probably come if you just get started, don't wait for it to happen. Sometimes you get it just by looking at something or meet with someone you like. I bought this magazine only because of the cover. The colors, the layout, the model and the composition is just perfect. I can't say much about the written content since I know about ten Spanish words ... The table above is one of my own designs that I will tell you about later. Happy weekend! Photo: Mia Linnman. 

Friday 15 March 2019

Long time no see

Hi guys! Yes, I guess I have written that headline before. My blog activity has been just as the tulips above, out of glow, inspiration and energy for a long, long time. Suddenly I felt inspiration, that picking up the camera, shooting some pics made me happy. I hope that feeling will stay and that I'll meet you soon again. Photo Mia Linnman

Saturday 1 September 2018

A lovely launch

Hi everyone! Back on track. Hope you've had a lovey summer. 
Last week I was invited to a really fantastic launch of the new wallpaper collection L’Hôtel from Sandberg wallpaper. It took place in the fantastic Villa Strömsfors with a bunch of really nice people. Right now I just want to buy an old charming house with high ceilings and cover the walls with this french pariasian inspired beauties. More lovely pictures from the collection and the villa at Sandberg Wallpaper. Photos: Mia Linnman

Friday 15 June 2018

The lounge

The lounge in the background is one of my favourite places in the house, a place for talking and discussions, a place to enjoy a typical swedish "fika" (which means coffee with cookies or buns) or an afternoon drink, a dry martini or just a glass of wine. A perfect place to read and relax. The iron  shelves are made from my sketches by local craftsmen. I´ll show you more of my iron projects next time. Happy friday! Photo: Mia Linnman

Monday 4 June 2018

Welcome summer and Ebbe!

This last month has been amazing! Sunny and warm every day, and I mean EVERY day for the last four weeks. We've also got a new little lovely person in our family – my husbands oldest daughter's second child; the cutest little boy you can imagine. Happy new week! Photo: Mia Linnman 

Thursday 17 May 2018


Last time I blogged it was still winter and now it's early summer. Time flies and I don't really know if it's lack of inspiration, time or reason to keep this blog running. Anyway, here's a picture for you who still visiting this place. Hope you're well. Photo: Mia Linnman.

Tuesday 6 March 2018


Winter came some weeks ago. And when that's a fact you just have to embrace it even if I'm longing for the first signs of spring. Hot cocoa and skating on shiny ice isn't bad after all.
Finally got some pictures on the wall above the shelves made by a local blacksmith.  Photo: Mia Linnman

Sunday 11 February 2018


Back home after an inspiring Art expedition in London last weekend. Luckily everything went fine with unmounting (and mounting) the canvases and transporting it all. After an intense period of painting it felt good to put the studio back to order. I also made some refurnishing, one chair ended up in the living room and the other in the studio. I also got the old Ikea coffee table out of the storage.
(The Wassily Chair, also known as the Model B3 chair, was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-1926.) Photo: Mia Linnman

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Art Fair

New year and new challenges! This year I have promised myself to dare more, to step outside my comfort zone and release the need of control. A part of this is to participate to Parallax Art Fair in Kensington, London this weekend. It will be great fun and exciting to do something new. There's also some new work on my website. Photo: Mia Linnman.

Sunday 28 January 2018


We spent New Years Eve in Cannes, France. It's really a pleasure to be there off season. 
Soon january has come to an end, a fresh year is laying before us with opportunities and adventures. Isn't that wonderful? Luckily I have no personal complaints of 2017. Me and my family is healthy, we have the privilege to travel the world and there's harmony in our lives. I hope for love and peace to everyone and the earth this year! Let's go! Photo: Mia Linnman.