Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lovely lamp and thanks!

Today I will express a thank you to Frida behind one of Swedens most popular blogs ”Trendenser” who mentioned me in her yesterday post. Take a look at her site, it's really inspiring! Also, thanks to her, I found these beautiful lamps by Lindsey Adelman Studio.


nkp said...

They are sublime, aren't they. The perfect marriage of form and function. Definitely on my "someday, please" list! :0)

silvana maiorano said...

what a great idea....
everything is so clean but at the same time so particular, cool

Splendid Willow said...

Yeah! To both! The lamps and the great mention by the lovely Frida.

You are on a roll, girl!

Miss you!

(Fick du mitt mail om ett hem att visa upp?)

En bamsekram,


*Tasiaa said...

Headstrong and lovely!


Terese said...

Hej! Helt fantastiska tavlor du gör!! Inom vilket prisintervall ligger de på och vart kan man hitta dem? Tack!

Mandy said...

They really are great !!!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the lights!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Alison Berger's glassworks? She is amazing!
:) Jade of

[room] by sofie said...

Just loved picture nr 3.!!!
Soo beutiful glass-lamps :)

Kram SOfie

JOHANNA said...
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JOHANNA said...

Hej och tack för de fina orden på min blog!
Visst är Lindsey Adelmans lampor heeeelt underbara! Jag har beundrat dem länge!
Jag gillar verkligen dina tavlor också. Kombinationen av föreställande och abstrakt samt färgerna tilltalar mig verkligen. Du har inte någon utställning i södra sverige inplanerad?

StonehouseLove said...

Hi, loVe your blog and I just spent 2 hours on your sidebar...thanks for the lovely inspiration...gotta go pay attention to my sons now thank you very much!

Kathy said...

You may already know this but that last picture is actually a DIY light that Morgan at The Brick House made. Here's the link

Lindsey Adelman posted the instructions and a parts list for a do-it-yourself version of her lights here

Very talented!

Brittany H. said...

Those are the most elegant living spaces! Swedes really are ahead of the game when it come to ...well, basically everything creative. Thanks for sharing!


Peggy said...

Hi! I love your blog and love your paintings. Where are the links to the photos?

eilen tänään huomenna said...

I send you thanks for this inspiring blog!

CALinteriors said...

Hi Mia, love your solid frog blog! Great pics, art and ideas. I visit regularly and enjoy the freshness and creativity. :)))

Stacey said...

Love the lamps and i'm off to check out your feature! XX

Design Elements said...

I agree with Eilen, Mia. I send you thanks for this inspiring blog!

Sarah Klassen said...

Fabulous! I would love to purchase this light... hope you had a great weekend,




That's my house at the bottom.

I made the chandelier with Lindsey's instructions. Came out awesome and works great.

Charlotta Ward said...

What a gorgeous lamp! Love your pictures my friend.

Frida's blog is great. Congratulations on the mention!

xx Charlotta

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