Thursday, 24 June 2010


I have a dream of living in a house like this with large rooms, impressive windows and solid materials. I think this interior is classy, important-looking and intellectual – in a good way.
This is the house of gallerist and art collector Thomas Andrae. Pictures via Freunde von Freunden. Photo: Ailine Liefeld.


design traveller said...

I'm speechless..

Anonymous said...

I have the dark floors and the dark furniture pieces I just need someone to paint it all white for me. Any takers? :)
My new house was painted a tan/yellow color on all walls and the ceilings so it just seems like a huge undertaking but I am determined it will be done.

Anonymous said...

fantastisk, fantastisk, fantastisk!
et av de vakreste hjem jeg har sett!

Delishhh said...

I love that dining room table, amazing house!

Caroline said...

underbart hem!! Jag älskar kombinationerna med materialen och är så imponerad utav det underbara taket på första bilden. Så fina inspirations bilder du har här. Helt förtjust i din blogg <3 Hoppas sommaren är underbar!! Kram på dig