Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wedding season

Last week I received a book that made me want to plan a wedding all over again (with the same man of course). This inspiring book with a lot of clever DIY tips is made by two friends and former colleagues from Ikea Communications, photographer Lina Arvidsson and interior designer Anna Huss. I was also happy to find a lot of other old friends in the pictures. This book is must have for love birds with wedding plans.


agnes szucs said...

very nice... there are so many ugly, kitschy wedding magazines over here, that it's always a delight to see nice wedding stuff like this book. was I to plan my wedding, it would def be very low-key but nice. :)

agnes / iiiinspired

katleen said...

is there an english version or a place where i can find it for the international market?

Ani said...

Bautyfull creation.