Tuesday, 17 January 2012

High heels

Today I'm in the mood for high heels! Pictures 1: Département Féminin. 2: The Sartorialist. 3: Chanel


Olivilla said...

love thoseee channel shoes!!!

what is the mood for high feels! it's so funny mood¿? or so elegant one!

I love your expresion!

Ks from spain!

Corrina said...

This is so funny to me- I just bought my first pair of high heels in over five years because of feet problems and a bad back. I thought a wedge heel would be better for me as they sit flat. I found the perfect pair- they look like really expensive ones- black suede with a black and white herringbone pattern on the heel.. tre joli... I wore them for about 1hr and ended up with my back in pain! How frustrating! xxCorrina.

caroline from Singap said...

Hope for you it's not snowing in your city!!
I like high eels they give me confidence! By chance I don't need them everydays! ;)

Interior Design Pro said...

Wow! Chanel shoes are my favorite. Lovely!

Maria Riazzoli said...

Jaaaa meee ; )
Ha en trevlig helg.

paislea said...

these pictures are gorgeous!

allister bee blog

lisa said...

Vilka läckra bilder! Man blir så inspirerad och får energi till att ta tag i denna dagen också! Tack :)

christan louboutin said...

Really gorgeous!
Christian Louboutin from New York .